Advisory board

Your secret growth weapon to stop getting caught in the business, and start working on it.

Many business leaders spend too much of their time on operational matters and forget to seek out new opportunities or develop growth strategies.

Setting up an advisory board can be an easy and effective way to elevate your thinking and fast-track your business’s success no matter your size. At Quantaco we have access to a diverse range of industry experts and can set up an advisory board with a meeting framework in place that is tailored to your business goals.

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Why Do You Need An Advisory Board in Hospitality?

A credible and independent advisory board can provide expertise, independent guidance, and business development insight and can focus on the growth of the business. Giving you access to a group of experts who provide a sounding board on your business goals including:

  • Navigating high growth periods
  • Accessing fundraising options
  • Maximising shareholder returns
  • Developing and reviewing strategies to set a clear path for your future
  • Recruiting and performance managing the executive team
  • Setting up the right success plan for your business
  • Mediating differences between business owners and the CEO
  • Creating connections between external resources and technical expertise
  • Determining and enforcing governance best practice
  • Ensuring robust financial management practices
  • Focusing on business growth and success, by working on your business, rather than in it.

An easy way to energise your business

The advisory board we help you create for your business is focused on bringing together the best minds and expertise for your unique needs.

Your board could include business advisory professionals and executives from within our ranks or experts from our wider network.

Think of us as your business confidant. We’ll provide a unique perspective, strategic advice and the complementary skills needed to take your business to the next level.

Business Advisory Experts On:

Financial reporting

Financial Reporting

End-to-end financial reporting services including payment, receivables, payroll and management accounts. We collaborate with your team to provide high-quality, comprehensive and easy to consume reporting.

Succession planning

Succession planning

Support for when it’s time to hand over the reins. We help you create an effective succession plan to ensure the best results for both the business and your next generation of leaders.

Advisory board

Advisory board

The secret growth weapon in any business’ arsenal. We have access to a diverse range of industry experts and can set up an advisory board with a meeting framework in place that is tailored to your business goals.

Financial reporting

Budgeting and cashflow

The foundation to a more profitable business. We get to the heart of your business to take you through the budgeting process and give you a clear forecast for revenue and expenses. This is a key insight to making better decisions, quickly.

Financial reporting

Business strategy

Forward-thinking strategic advice to help you realise your business’ potential. Our advisers have deep industry experience across the entire hospitality sector and of varying sizes. Their expertise and independence from your business bring real insights and value to achieve success.

Financial reporting


Focus on the important stuff rather than digging through files at tax time. Our team of tax experts ensure you meet legal requirements and are benefitting from potential tax opportunities. We constantly have our finger on the pulse for the latest changes and legal reforms to ensure you are ticking the boxes

Financial reporting

Annual compliance

Forward-thinking hospitality compliance. We provide insights and deliver dynamic business solutions beyond statutory obligation and compliance including governance, risk management and business systems that will help your business thrive.