Increase efficiency and reduce errors by digitally streamlining the cashup process.

What Is Cashup?

A digital platform to enter financial data across different trading activities such as POS and Gaming, as well as cash movement through the venue such as petty cash and deposits. Designed by and for the hospitality industry it retires old-school spreadsheets to provide a more dynamic environment with which to operate.

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Unlocking potential

Identify Patterns

Cashup provides an environment to easily capture the most salient points from staff’s shifts. Variances are tracked and patterns are identified with consolidated summaries and variance reports.

Improve Accuracy

Save time and improve accuracy with an intuitive, user-friendly environment built with the end-user in mind. Data is automatically saved and calculations are done to reduce manual mistakes.

Prevent Fraud

Reduce manual spreadsheet or accounting entries that can be manipulated, compromised, broken, or deleted. Instead, inputs are made automatically and accurately which are completely auditable.

Deal With Z Reads

With Cashup, we don’t care for Z reads. We care for cash. We’ve made it simple for your staff to count the cash and let Cashup deal with the Z read. Our approach to daily takings reconciliation tracks movements, but in a way managers can understand.

Leverage These Features

Connect to Data Sources

Cashup Integrates with world-class systems to automatically capture data and upload it to the accounting platform negating the need for error-prone manual entries.

Track cash movement

We know there’s more to a cashup than the end of the night, so we have made it easy to track cash movement through the day from petty cash deposits to safe counts.

Gaming made easy

Reconcile complex VIP lounges using a formula that takes into account turnover, cancel credits, cheques and EFTs. By breaking down the process step by step it’s easy for managers to follow and understand.

Other Solutions

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Bringing together real-time sales data and time and attendance systems, Salesline is a solution that provides a dynamic view and powerful forecasting of sales and labour costs. Create accurate rosters that meet customer expectations as well as profitability targets while accounting for variables like the weather, sporting events and future bookings.

Q Orange

Star Compliance

Make hospitality compliance management simple using Star Compliance. The platform allows you to digitally centralise training, incident reporting, legislation and regulation requirements as well as maintain accountability for your venues.

Q Orange

Turn-key Hospitality platform

Quantaco has developed a highly efficient and interconnected platform that acts as the backbone of our client’s business operations. Connecting many of the industry’s leading systems including points of sale, time and attendance systems as well as other financial platforms. This allows data to seamlessly flow, ensuring constantly refreshed, accurate information is easily accessible.