Endeavour Hotels: Enhancing Performance in Hospitality

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The challenge Endeavour Hotels, a distinguished group within the hospitality sector, manages three unique venues across New South Wales, each catering to a diverse demographic. These venues range from an urban local hotspot to a family-oriented tavern, presenting a varied sales mix and client base. This diversity made it challenging to benchmark and evaluate performance […]

Discover the Benefits of Cashup: A Game-Changer for Hospitality Financial Management

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Welcome to Quantaco’s Cashup, a robust tool designed to transform the financial management of your hospitality business. If you’re new to the idea of streamlined cash management, let’s dive into some of the latest features and enhancements that Cashup offers, making it an indispensable tool for any hospitality venue owner. Introducing the Variance Review Tab […]

Employee Spotlight: Stewart Irwin

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Background and Experience Stewart Irwin’s career has been marked by significant milestones that shaped his expertise in Business Intelligence (BI). Starting in 2003, Stewart founded the Phocas Australian trading company and led it as Managing Director & Head of Sales. Transitioning to the CFO role, he spearheaded major initiatives such as an ERP migration and a shift […]

Deepening Expertise in Pub Operations: An Upskilling Journey to Hyderabad

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In our ongoing commitment to stay abreast of our clients’ operations and the intricacies of their venues, Matt, the Head of Customer Success at Quantaco’s Sydney office, embarked on an upskilling trip to Hyderabad. His mission? To provide ongoing training to our Hyderabad team members, so that they stay up to date with the day-to-day […]

From Hospitality to Tech: A Journey into Customer Success at Quantaco

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Matt Dagg’s remarkable transition from the hospitality industry to a leading role in technology and customer success at Quantaco is a testament to passion, adaptability, and continuous learning. In the fast-paced world of business, career transitions often come with their own set of challenges and triumphs. For Matt Dagg, his journey from managing pubs to […]

Leading the Charge for Responsible Gaming: Star Compliance Empowers NSW Hospitality Venues

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Published date: 23/2/2024 Gaming landscape is evolving with increasing legislation in NSW being introduced which is aimed at helping to reduce gaming harm and potential criminal activities associated with gaming. At Star Compliance we partner with our clients to help address the rapidly changing legislative environment and to promote responsible gaming practises. Our platform, and […]

Star Compliance’s E-Learning platform: A Strategic Solution for the Hospitality Industry

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Published Date: 20/2/2024 In Australia’s fast-paced businesses landscape, the hospitality industry faces unique challenges, especially when it comes to staffing retention and training. Pubs, clubs, restaurants, and cafes are constantly under pressure to find and retain skilled staff amidst economic pressures. However, amidst these challenges lies a strategic solution: investing in upskilling your current employees. […]

Meet Our Client Directors at Quantaco: Driving Success and Strategic Growth

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At Quantaco, our Platform Services team is dedicated to supporting our hospitality clients in their journey towards improved performance. With a suite of interconnected technologies, including payroll management, accounts payable, and financial reporting, our team of Client Directors plays a crucial role in helping our clients achieve their strategic goals. In this blog post, we […]