9 things hospitality businesses can learn from the 2022 Pub Leader’s Summit

On the 4th April 2022, various members of the Quantaco team joined the 6th annual Pub Leader’s Summit hosted by Australian Hotelier. As a sponsor and part of our ongoing support for the industry our CEO, Anthony Sullivan gave a keynote presentation on unlocking the value in hospitality businesses as well as how to create value through data.

Throughout the course of the day, we were joined by hundreds of industry colleagues and engaged in some hot topics of conversation from guest speakers and panelists alike. Business Development Manager Amy Parkinson and CCO Scott Barber were on hand at our dedicated booth to speak to current and prospective clients, while Advisor Justine Baker joined a panel discussion on leading teams in turbulent times. 

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In this post we’ll be sharing some of the valuable insights from the event, as well as key takeaways from Anthony’s keynote. 

Creating Value Through Data with Anthony Sullivan

Discussing one of the current challenges hospitality businesses have around adopting data into operational processes, Anthony said, “the availability of data has never been greater, but taking the first step in using it can be challenging.”

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As part of his keynote presentation, Anthony went on to provide three tips on how to tackle this challenge. 

1. Gain Clarity

Be clear on the problem you are looking at to solve and use data to specifically help. 

2. Use What You Have

Use the systems you already have and identify the information they house. Make the most of this information and unlock its existing value.  

3. Bring it All Together

Correlate data from a range of sources to provide you with the answers. The more of a picture you have, the more accurately you can make decisions.

Anthony summarised the value of data for hospitality businesses at a high decision-making level, by saying, “A choice can be made in the absence of the right data and information, a conclusion is drawn when the decision-making process is fully informed by the presence of relevant data and information.”

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Tips to Lead Teams in Turbulent Times

Quantaco Advisor, Justine Baker also joined panelists; Danielle Richardson (Laundy Group), Hamish Watts (Applejack Hospitality), and Marcello Colosimo (Momento) to discuss how leadership should adapt in landscapes that are constantly changing. This includes changing the ‘entry-level’ perception of the industry into one that appreciates creative, entrepreneurial talent. There are exciting crafts in hospitality which should be developed and valued by leadership as long-term careers, from chefs to mixologists. The panel discussed two key areas on leading in turbulent times for hospitality businesses which included:

1. Investing in Diversity

Being able to appreciate all differences starts at the top and takes money, time, and thinking to grow a diverse leadership in hospitality. So, businesses should ensure they invest in diversity at all levels.

2. Facilitate Development

As an industry, hospitality needs to stop layering work on top of people and start taking things away to allow for development. This could be achieved by rostering personal development time as part of training and management.

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How Quantaco is Addressing 4 Key Themes from The Pub Leader’s Summit 

1. The talent crunch is here to stay

It’s likely that the talent crunch isn’t going to change materially anytime soon, and this was a clear sentiment in the summit. Our answer is Salesline and being able to manage labour costs through accurate sales forecasting and building an optimum roster.

2. Professionalised training and robust processes are needed

Many feel the industry needs to professionalise standard practices as well as robust processes and procedures. The way we collaborate with our customers specifically addresses this theme as we help to embed industry-leading processes into the solutions we provide at every step of the way.

3. Technology is key to the future

It’s clear technology and digitisation play a core role in how the industry can remain competitive and meet customer experience demands while also streamlining operations and costs. That’s why we created a best of breed hospitality platform for our customers that is managed and maintained by our experts.

4. Leveraging data is essential

The opportunities data can bring to the hospitality industry is endless, but currently data is getting ‘lost’ and not providing the value it should. Through our interconnected systems we’re able to collate and analyse to create an accurate and timely flow of data. Helping hospitality businesses unlock the value that already exists within them.

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A huge thank you to everyone who joined us at the 2022 Pub Leader’s Summit and helped make it such a resounding success. Overall, we were thrilled just to be able to network in person after such a long time and enjoy a cold drink and warm conversation.