Case Study: Transforming O’Hara’s Pub Operations with Quantaco’s Cashup Platform


Sean O’Hara’s Hospitality group, like many in the industry, faced significant challenges with inconsistent processes and reliance on spreadsheets, leading to a lack of visibility over financial performance. This case study explores how Quantaco’s Cashup helped O’Hara’s Pubs transform from old school spreadsheets to a digital platform.  

“Before teaming up with Quantaco, our pubs were all over the place with inconsistent processes and too many spreadsheets scattered around. It was a challenge trying to get accurate and timely financial information.” – Sean O’Hara

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The Challenge

O’Hara’s group was struggling with disjointed processes and manual spreadsheets across its venues. These issues made it difficult to manage cash flow and understand how well each venue was performing, ultimately hindering their ability to make informed business decisions. The team at O’Hara’s recognized the need for a more efficient and transparent system to handle their financial operations. 

“Switching to Quantaco’s was a game-changer for us. Even though the beginning was a bit of a challenge as we had to get used to a whole new system, the support and training from Quantaco  was second to none.” – Sean O’Hara 


The Solution

The decision to move to Quantaco meant that O’Hara’s group gained access to both a tailored hospitality platform along with experts to help them embed the technology and navigate their accounting Quantaco’s Cashup is just one part of Quantaco’s platform, it’s used by O’Hara’s to help with end of shift revenue reconciliation.  

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Implementation and Change Management

Transitioning from manual spreadsheets to a fully digital environment allowed for Quantaco to help implement a standard approach to the end of day cashup process at O’Hara’s. This change helped align processes across the group, reduce manual effort freeing up team members to undertake higher-value activities and ultimately improve the accuracy and security of the cashup process. 

“Getting our venue operators to ditch the old-school spreadsheets for a digital setup was no walk in the park. But once we got the hang of it, the benefits were obvious. Operations became smoother and way more efficient.” – Sean O’Hara 

Quantaco’s support team played a crucial role during this phase, offering comprehensive training and addressing any issues that arose. This hands-on approach helped O’Hara’s navigate the challenges of change management and ensured that the whole team were comfortable with the new system. 

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Results and Benefits

The shift to Quantaco’s and Cashup brought undeniable improvements to the O’Hara group. Operations became smoother and more efficient, with all processes meticulously recorded in a digital format. The elimination of paper-based systems provided complete visibility over financial performance, which was revolutionary for the pub. 

“Now, everything is digital and perfectly recorded—no more paper! We’ve got all of our pubs operating in a standard way with an accurate process to capture the revenue for the day.” – Sean O’Hara 

The robust audit trail and sign-off  feature of the platform fortified the pub’s accountability frameworks, ensuring tighter controls, increased accountability and improved security. 


The transformation journey with Quantaco has been deeply rewarding for the  O’Hara Group. The initial hurdles were a small price to pay for the substantial long-term benefits. Today, all venues enjoy a digital-first approach with enhanced efficiency, complete financial visibility, and strengthened accountability. 


“Working with Quantaco has been fantastic, their understanding of the industry and their focus on developing technology to solve problems is exactly what groups like ours needs”– Sean O’Hara 

Quantaco is proud to have supported Sean and his team through this significant transformation. Our commitment to providing tailored support and comprehensive training ensured that the pub could fully realize the benefits of Cashup. This case study highlights the importance of embracing change through technology and the potential rewards it can bring to the hospitality industry. 

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