A Year In Review: Celebrating Quantaco’s First Birthday

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While we’ve been bringing years of experience and value to our clients, 1st July marked the first anniversary of the Quantaco rebrand

Since then, we have supported our customers through some of the most difficult times in recent history for the hospitality industry. But we’ve also seen some incredible recovery, and not only expanded our team but the products and services we have to better serve the industry as a whole. We wanted to take stock of the last year and show not only all the hard work our team has put into helping our customers unlock their potential, but also the trajectory we are on. 

Growing our Team

We’ve had 33 people join our team, 11 in our Sydney Office, and 22 in Hyderabad which is incredible growth to support our customers. But we’ve also celebrated the longevity and loyalty of our other team members like Lisa Yang who joined us 15 years ago! 

We’ve connected through events (even though we had to celebrate Christmas in March this year thanks to lockdowns!). And we’ve put our values into practice with weekly collaboration days. Here are some of our favourite pictures from our collaborations: 


Read more about what the team has been up to here:

Unlocking Potential for Our Customers

Our rebrand has allowed us to develop a range of technologies designed to solve the unique challenges of the hospitality industry. We have been able to expand Capital Advisory from its inception in 2020 to now having a book value of over $500m r while also introducing Insurance Broking into our suite of services providing services to over 300 customers. Our Business Advisory services also grew by 25% providing hospitality-specific support and advice to operators across Australia.  

On top of this we’ve also honed our hospitality platform to provide a turn-key solution for hospitality businesses, while also developing  our Cashup, Salesline, and Star Compliance products. This has allowed us to give the best value for customers and unlock potential in core areas of the business like compliance, and labour costs. 

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We are constantly striving to add more value to not only our customers, but the industry as a whole which is why CEO, Anthony Sullivan attended the Annual Pub Leaders’ Summit and we have chosen to sponsor and support industry bodies such as the AHA NSW and QHA (Queensland Hotels Association).

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Communicating with Our Community

We know how important it is to be active and provide value to the wider community which is why we’ve spent a lot of the last year reaching out and sharing our knowledge. Having launched our social channels, we now get over 100,000 impressions, to updates from the industry like awards and compliance, as well as advice and guidance through a series of public webinars we did through COVID-19. 

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It’s been officially one year since we rebranded and relaunched, and what a year it has been!  We’ve collaborated, were curious, creative, and most importantly remained customer obsessed.

Thank you to our incredible team who work tirelessly to support our customers, and thank you to every customer, referral, and supporter of our business that has allowed us to keep doing what we love! We can’t wait to do it all again!