Get to know Quantaco’s Chief Technology Officer Luke Vassallo


A big welcome to Luke Vassallo who recently joined us as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) here at Quantaco. With a wealth of knowledge and experience he will be bringing to the role, we’re excited for him to get started! 

We sat down and asked him about the transition, his new role, and what his aspirations are over the next few months. Hear what he had to say here: 

Tell us a bit about your previous experience.

I’ve been extremely fortunate to lead teams of very talented technologists in companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Together, we’ve designed and delivered integrated software and solutions for a lot of industries including financial services, legal, telecommunications, travel, enterprise software, and now hospitality with Quantaco.

What made you want to join Quantaco? 

The opportunity to apply advanced technology in an industry where the impact of real-time data and analytical services can really make a difference in operational efficiency, financial performance, and service innovation.

I’m really impressed by the vision demonstrated by Quantaco’s leadership and the talent of the team at large. The vision is unique and has tremendous potential to deliver an intuitive, integrated suite of services to help our customers realise opportunities and grow.

What does your role as CTO involve and what are you looking forward to the most working at Quantaco? 

My focus is on the delivery of Quantaco’s software solutions to our customers, and ensuring they deliver timely and useful data-driven results that are otherwise not available to hospitality providers today. 

As the products are very new, this will be an iterative and collaborative process. My objectives include innovation, site reliability, acquisition and aggregation of data, process automation, and leveraging AI, to deliver fast, reliable, and accurate results for our customers. 

I’m mostly looking forward to working with the team at Quantaco to make using data to optimise business performance easy for our customers.

What have been your initial observations on technology in hospitality?

There’s so much untapped potential in bringing together the many data sources that affect the running of a hospitality business. Bringing them all together under one digital roof will provide clarity and insights that will be the key that unlocks opportunities for our customers.

What do you think is the biggest benefit for hospitality businesses deploying technology? 

Over time, people who specialise in any industry develop an intuition for what works and what doesn’t. Real-time data and technology, in particular the technology we’re developing at Quantaco, will help hospitality businesses do this at scale, ensuring opportunities are not left on the table.  

What’s the number one challenge you’re hoping to help resolve in your role? 

Under the hood, acquiring and aggregating real-time data from lots of different sources, ensuring reliability and computing useful insights, can get a little complicated. The number one challenge of any CTO is to work with your team to deliver solutions that hide the complexity and deliver the essence of what our customers need in a timely and intuitive manner.

Thank you to Luke for taking the time to sit and discuss his new role with us. We’re looking forward to working with Luke over the coming months and seeing him work with the team to transform our client’s hospitality technology and unlock their potential.