Endevour Hotels: Enhancing Performance in Hospitality

The challenge:

Endevour Hotels, a distinguished group within the hospitality sector, manages three unique venues across New South Wales, each catering to a diverse demographic. These venues range from an urban local hotspot to a family-oriented tavern, presenting a varied sales mix and client base. This diversity made it challenging to benchmark and evaluate performance internally. Additionally, the group faced increasing operational costs and the ongoing challenge of maintaining a reasonable wage percentage, common issues in the hospitality industry.

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The Solution:

In their search for enhanced performance across their portfolio, Endevour Hotels partnered with us at Quantaco, seeking expert advice and innovative strategies tailored to the hospitality sector. The initial step involved detailed site visits and staff interviews to gain a comprehensive understanding of each venue’s unique environment and challenges.

Quantaco’s approach included a comparative analysis of the Endevour Hotels against a carefully curated, anonymised peer group from their extensive industry dataset. This benchmarking highlighted specific areas of underperformance and potential improvement.

Following the analysis, Quantaco delivered a detailed report outlining key findings and recommended strategic actions. With Quantaco’s guidance, Endevour Hotels set clear target metrics for each venue, establishing a roadmap for improvement that was both ambitious and achievable.

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The outcome:

The collaboration led to significant performance enhancements, specifically in reducing wage percentages and improving gross profit margins. The management team at Endevour now utilises a more rigorous, data-driven approach to measure and enhance performance, aligning daily operations with industry benchmarks.

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Client Feedback

“Our managers now think and analyse their performance in a way they hadn’t before. It has been a really good discipline for all of us,” remarked one senior manager at Endevour Hotels. Another executive highlighted the specialised support from Quantaco, stating, “The fact that Quantaco focuses just on hospitality is really evident. Their team is so knowledgeable, and their approach to using technology and data to help businesses such as ours is fantastic.”

This case illustrates how targeted insights and strategic guidance can transform operations, leading to measurable improvements in the competitive and ever-evolving hospitality industry. Quantaco continues to be a pivotal part of Endevour Hotels’ journey towards enhanced operational performance through innovation.

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