Inside Quantaco’s Hyderabad Visit To Celebrate And Collaborate With Overseas Team

Quantaco’s operation in India is almost 10 years old and works hand-in-hand with our Sydney office. With an abundance of high-quality accounting talent in Hyderabad, our joint teams are able to provide a range of services on behalf of our clients to deliver results.

On the 1st of October, our senior leaders including Anthony Sullivan (CEO), Michael Vamos (COO), Scott Barber (CCO) and Mitchell Stone (Executive Director) travelled to Hyderabad to celebrate and collaborate with our team in India.

It was the first time many of our team were able to come together socially as a result of COVID-19. But we’re pleased that this event marked the return of travel both ways, and allowed teams from both offices to spend time together.

Behind the scenes with Quantaco’s Indian Team

As part of the visit, our leadership group toured the new office, took part in a town hall to strengthen ideas and live by our collaboration value, and were invited to a gala night that saw colleagues, clients and families come together.

Some of our clients also travelled from Sydney to join us with their families, including John Ryan (CFO, Feros Group) who said of the night:

“It was an honour and privilege to visit the Quantaco team in India. In the end, we are all working very hard, and we sometimes forget there are dedicated, hard-working people, doing their best to support our business. The warmth and collaboration amongst the team were evident, and the chance to share a few laughs and be introduced to each team member face-to-face was a life moment to remember. The gala evening was the cream to a great week, and Quantaco should be proud of what they have built.”

The evening started with Bollywood dancing, and as the home of the Biryani, we had a delicious feast. We heard from some of our leaders in order to celebrate long service and performance awards, and ended the evening by dancing the night away!

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We wanted to thank everyone for working so hard for so long during COVID-19 and being able to bring both teams together to celebrate is just what was needed.