What If…Lightyear’s Latest Updates Are A Game Changer For Hospitality?

We recently launched our ‘What If…’ campaign which is designed to target the specific pain points of the hospitality industry. And it seems Lightyear have rolled out their latest updates at exactly the right time! Below you’ll see the latest game-changing updates from Lightyear and what this means for your hospitality business.

What if…You need to compare your original purchase order with your incoming invoice?

With Lightyear’s Purchase order functionality, you can create detailed purchase orders for products from your supplier’s item catalogues. When the invoice is received, you will then be able to match it to the purchase order and ensure that what you ordered has been accurately invoiced.

Read more on activating purchase orders here: https://support.lightyear.cloud/portal/en/kb/articles/activating-purchase-orders

What if…All your contract pricing was automatically checked by Lightyear?

Lightyear’s automatic price checker can review your agreed-upon contract pricing with incoming line items on your invoice. Once the price checker has been set up for a supplier and a bill arrives in your ‘Approvals’ tray, Lightyear will automatically price check the product codes and display the results using different shaded cells in the unit price field.

Picture 1

Want to automatically check your contract pricing? Read more here: https://support.lightyear.cloud/portal/en/kb/articles/products-and-price-checker

What if…You could export all your product quantities from invoices into your POS Software for inventory management?

Lightyear allows you to send data to external inventory and POS systems. Now, you can log and record product codes that come in on an invoice from suppliers.

When the invoice is mapped, the data for your products will be automatically recorded and become available for export – making your inventory tracking super easy and helping improve your stocktake results!

For more information read here:

What if…You need to build custom reports to review your accounts payable from within Lightyear?

Lightyear has just released its new reporting functionality with custom reports and report favourites! Even with a variety of pre-existing reports to be run within the archive and reporting area, you can now create your own reports to suit your business needs within Lightyear.

To run custom reporting read more here: https://support.lightyear.cloud/portal/en/kb/articles/advanced-reporting

If you want to compare purchase orders, automatically price check, export to your POS system and enable advanced reporting, these are the updates that you’ll want to pay particular attention to.

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