People & culture: creating the heart of Quantaco

One of the areas we are most proud of at Quantaco is our positive and continually improving environment for people to work in. One that is diverse, inclusive, and strengthened by values that we live by as well as the passion for hospitality of those that work here. The reality is, it’s the people that are the heart of our business. 

In this post we will discuss how we created and continue to build our culture of success for the business, our team, and our clients to benefit from:

4 Ways We Create Our Culture of Success…

1. Hiring Experts

We have a rigorous process when it comes to recruiting and choosing the right candidates specifically for the hospitality industry. We hire experts in their field (e.g. accounting, tech, insurance etc.) who either already have hospitality experience or we immerse them into our existing team of hospitality experts so they become familiar with the unique challenges the industry can present for their specific job role. 

This allows us to foster creativity and hire people who love, live, and breathe hospitality just like we do! Our Senior Frontend Engineer Rossi Tri showed exactly how experience can add value to the team when he recently developed a feature that cut Salesline onboarding time in half. It’s an excellent example of how having experts who are passionate about what they do can make all the difference to a business.  

2. Respect Through Diversity

We’re lucky to operate from both Australia and India. Having a multicultural team is definitely key to our success, and we respect all genders, races, ages, and cultures here. In fact, having such a range of people and experience allows us to see things as a team that others might miss.

But, perhaps more importantly, we know that ideas and creativity can come from anywhere and it’s not just limited to management. Which is why regardless of their level, employees are valued in all aspects and listened to. 

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3. Creating Strong Values (And Putting Them in Practice) 

We have four core values at Quantaco that resonate with us the most and we put these into practice every day for our clients. We defined it as the following statement: 

Our Customer Obsession drives our Curiosity leading us to be Creative knowing that
Collaboration delivers amazing outcomes. 

But for us, it’s more than just writing the words down, we want to make sure every team member embodies these values. That’s why we hold events like Collaboration Mondays that makes sure everyone is comfortable collaborating with each other no matter their seniority level. 

General Manager, Sneha Gonsalvez is an excellent example of how our team connects with our values. She’s discussed previously that Collaborative is the value she connects with most by saying, “I connect most with collaboration because I work to coordinate efforts between all of our team members to attain the common goal of providing consistent, quality, and timely services to our clients.”

Want to hear about how we defined and came up with our values as a team? Read this post here:

4. Listening to Feedback

Our positive approach to leadership and mentoring means that the team loves helping each other and are willing to listen to feedback. The perfect example of this is the implementation of our latest flexible work policy. 

Post-pandemic we listened to what our team was telling us in terms of striking a balance between collaboration and team time, as well as working flexibly and remotely. Since then, we’ve implemented flexible working across the business. This is just one example of how our team feeds back into our processes to create an environment we all love and can get behind. 

A positive culture isn’t something that you do once, it’s something you continue to build, develop, and grow, just like the people within it. Our people are the heart of Quantaco, which is why we value them so highly!