How to be Proactive with Hospitality Compliance

Meeting compliance requirements can be daunting, and waiting until something goes wrong is not an effective practice. While it can be challenging to keep up with evolving laws and guidelines, failing to comply can result in hefty fines, legal action, damage to your brand and reputation, and even business closure.

So here are a few ways to proactively address compliance.

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Stay Up-to-Date

Staying current with relevant laws and regulations allows you to be in step with compliance requirements. This includes understanding the needs of local and national authorities and any industry-specific regulations. 

Make this happen by setting up alerts for updates and changes to regulations, subscribing to industry publications, and attending training and education sessions.

Conduct Regular Audits

When you regularly review and audit your business’s compliance practices, you can identify areas of improvement and ensure that nothing is falling through the cracks. From internal reviews of your policies and procedures and staff training to working with external auditors and experts to review your compliance, this will allow you to make sure nothing is missed in the day-to-day.

Develop Internal Policies

Once you understand the regulations, develop and implement policies that align with them. Still, more importantly, employees need to be aware of these policies and have regular training to ensure everyone adheres to them. This also means giving them the tools to be compliant in the most effective way possible, and the best way to do this is through technology.

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Leverage Technology with Star Compliance

Technology plays a valuable role in being proactive with compliance. For example, having a compliance management system can provide automated reminders and alerts for compliance-related tasks and deadlines.

Star Compliance is an integrated digital solution that aims to provide your business with a simplified approach to meet mandatory compliance requirements, giving you a competitive advantage.

The platform’s main features are:

  • Digital incident reporting – All records are stored centrally online, which makes tracking and reporting incidents much more convenient and accurate. 
  • Accountability and tracking of compliance tasks – Lets you assign compliance tasks and get notified of their status to your team.
  • Centralised staff development – Allowing you to train your staff on compliance courses anytime, anywhere, and track their progress.

Our clients have recognised the benefits of using Star Compliance. According to Bob Stefanovski, Director & Senior Licensing Consultant Liquor Advisory Services, says, “I’m amazed to see venues still writing in little black books, diaries, and pieces of paper. Or providing instructions verbally and not recording anything. Through my expertise as a police officer and a consultant, these books and records go missing, are destroyed or misplaced, and cannot be produced when a police officer walks onto the premises. Leaving venues vulnerable for regulatory action.”


And there’s more that Star Compliance can offer. New time-saving features have been released in 2023, which include the following: 

  • Scheduled incident reports – This allows you to send reports on a set schedule automatically.
  • Customised report templates – You can now create your own templates that fit your operational needs.
  • Scheduled tasks – You can now schedule tasks on an hourly basis, making sure service standards and other compliance tasks are completed on time.

Read more about the new features here.

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Unlock your business potential through proactive compliance

By being proactive with compliance, businesses can build trust and confidence with their guests and employees and maintain a positive reputation in the industry. It also unlocks your business potential and makes you more confident in your operations so you can focus on growing your business.

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