Quantaco’s Indian Team Returns To Office And Celebrates In Person

India, like many countries, was hit hard by COVID-19 and that meant our Indian-based colleagues had to pivot and work virtually for over two years. Even with this shift, it didn’t stop us from growing with over 30 new team members onboarding virtually since then.

But now, with the world opening up again we started our return-to-work strategy in June and we couldn’t be more thrilled as a team to be back in the office.


Returning To A Brand New Office

What better way to return to in-person working than by moving into a brand-new office in Hyderabad? Located in the newly developed tech hub our new premises offers first-class amenities including a gym, cafeteria, shops, and even rest zones.

For many of our team, it was the first time they had met each other in person, and for others, it was a long-awaited reunion.

Making Time for Collaboration

As one of our core values, collaboration is at the front of our minds as we return to the office.

While we continue to offer a hybrid approach to work providing location flexibility to the team, we also understand the importance of face-to-face meetings and building those connections. That’s why we’ve developed collaboration days where the team comes together to be creative and get the benefits of seeing each other in person. 

Global Team Building

It’s not just locally where the borders are beginning to open again. We’re now able to travel between India and Australia which means we’ve already had many of our Sydney-based teams travel to India to collaborate face-to-face with the team in Hyderabad.

This not only helps to transfer knowledge and foster creativity but builds connections in our global team as well. We’re looking forward to being able to host our Hyderabad team in Australia very soon!

Seeing the borders open and our team return to the office happier than ever brings us joy for the future that we know will translate into the services and support we provide to our clients!