Defining & Putting Our Values in Practice

An organisation’s values lay the foundation for what the company cares about most. It provides a common purpose that all employees should understand, work towards, and live by.  

Peter Drucker famously once said, “culture eats strategy for breakfast” and at Quantaco we know that our culture, alongside our experience and processes, determines the success we have with our clients. 

While undergoing our new rebrand we set out to refresh our values and ensure they aligned with the company we are now and want to be. So, we embarked on a journey to discover our values.

Here is how we did that as a company to build the Quantaco culture we’re incredibly proud of, as well as how we live by our values everyday through our service delivery to clients.

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Defining Our Values: Prioritising What Matters to Us

We wanted to make sure we included everyone from our global teams so we held a workshop with a cross-section of our team to help identify the key themes around values we see repeatedly. 

After creating a shortlist of values everyone was surveyed to get a sense of how aligned the values were with the actual experiences happening day-to-day. We are acutely aware of many companies having values but not living them. We didn’t want to fall into that trap so we asked for examples from the teams to share exactly how they are living those values in their roles. 

Next, we prioritised the four values that resonated with us the most and had the most tangible examples of being put into practice every day. And here’s what we found…

Our Customer Obsession drives our Curiosity leading us to be Creative knowing that Collaboration delivers amazing outcomes. 

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The Quantaco Culture: Our Values in Practice

While we chose values that were already present in our business, we know we have to continue to work hard to develop and maintain our company culture. In our experience, once you define and promote your values, the team is able to fully understand the behaviours and expectations that lead to success. 

Here are a few examples of how we live our values in practice:

Customer Obsession

We aim to demonstrate this every day to our customers, but even for non-customer facing roles we do customer showcases to strengthen this value across the team. During these showcases we bring to life our customers talking about their businesses and their aspirations, so everyone knows who they are and how they might be able to help them, even behind the scenes. 


Always asking questions and sharing are part of our internal process to help people learn and grow. Our ‘Lunch and Learns’ are an example alongside our product showcases where we chat to the team and our clients about the development roadmap as well as ask for feedback or suggestions. 


We are in a constant pursuit to find alternative ways to do things and add value to the industry. That’s why we aim to develop creative solutions using data, technology, people, and processes that tackle the unique challenges of hospitality. Several examples of this are our turn-key solutions like Salesline, Cashup, and Star Compliance.  


Not only do we hold bi-weekly collaboration days where we get together to have our meetings face-to-face, but our ‘Lunch and Learns’ are completely inclusive to support diverse points of view and are all about collaborating internally and with clients. 

We understand the importance of defining the values that resonate the most with us, and that’s why we will constantly strive to reflect these in our internal culture and our service delivery with clients.