Inside Quantaco’s Leadership with Executive Director Mitchell Stone

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As the head of platform services and advisory, Quantaco’s Executive Director Mitchell (Mitch) Stone has a unique perspective of Quantaco. Having joined in 2014 to work with Anthony Sullivan as part of the PKF Hospitality team, he now oversees an 80+ person team across Hyderabad and Sydney works with hundreds of clients.

Mitch is sharing his experience of leading global teams at Quantaco, as well as the role data and technology can now play for hospitality venues.

Deep Hospitality Experience Making Business Shifts

10 years ago, PKF Hospitality was primarily focused on providing accounting support to businesses, but with leadership that had deep hospitality experience across debt structures, succession planning, wages and business strategy, the team put these to good use and shifted focus to specialise on hospitality and broaden the services that are offered.

Mitch recalls the impact technology had on the business and its ability to service clients by saying, “Using technology has allowed us to grow from strength to strength and provide better service, faster delivery of clients’s financial reporting, all while ensuring a more secure and accurate outcome is available to our clients. Our hospitality presence has grown and improved by putting technology in place, and the solutions we’re able to deliver as a result are changing the industry.”

Quantaco combines these innovative technological solutions with experts, and this means providing clients with a face-to-face person to interpret and support our client’s ambitions. He explains the impact this approach has had for clients, saying “We’re now trusted advisors for hospitality owners, we don’t just meet once a month to discuss results, we speak most days on strategy, we celebrate wins together, and we bounce ideas off each other. So, being solely focused on one industry has allowed us to dive deep into their operations and focus solely on their challenges and opportunities.” 

Doing this has driven the growth of other Quantaco services like debt and insurance, and from there Quantaco has been able to delve into other operational sectors of the business, like gaming, management structures and acquisitions. As a result, Quantaco’s team overseen by Mitch has grown to over 80 people and increasing.

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Future Predictions for Hospitality

With this in mind there are two core predictions that Mitch can see for hospitality right now: 

  1. Technology’s Role Will Grow

The role of technology in hospitality has changed dramatically over the last 5 years, and we know it will continue. We’ve seen technology drive sales, as well as operational efficiency, and as the solution capabilities grow, so will technology’s role. From compliance with solutions like Star Compliance, to the integrated and secure Hospitality Platform that brings together hospitality management, it’s an exciting time for hospitality technology. 

  1. Data is Key 

During COVID, customers became a lot more open to giving data in exchange for connectivity and flexibility, which has created huge opportunities for hospitality businesses. Namely, if you can make decisions on timely and accurate data on the day, you’ll be much more adaptable as a venue and able to pivot and make changes.

Leveraging Hospitality Technology & Data with Quantaco

Technology, data, and the deep hospitality experience that comes from its leadership is what sets Quantaco apart, “we are at the forefront of the industry. Working with hundreds of venues allows us to make informed decisions and deliver value for our clients, that you can’t get anywhere else” Mitch says. 

This is realised through solutions like Salesline which can bring near-real-time sales and rostering data to a manager’s mobile phone, allowing them to be more agile and make decisions on shift. 

And we’re always finding new ways to develop technology that solves hospitality challenges as well as collect and communicate data to provide value to venues. Cashup is another example that has digitised and streamlined the daily takings process into a faster system that is less error prone, more efficient and limits the opportunity for fraud.

Quantaco are rapidly expanding and developing new solutions unique to the industry that are unavailable anywhere else, it’s thanks to the strong leadership of Mitch along with the deep experience he brings that makes this possible.

If you’re ready to find value in data and technology in your hospitality venues, get in touch: