Quantaco’s proactive approach saves clients from Log4shell heartache

If you’re not connected to the technical world, you may or may not know about a huge software vulnerability that was discovered just before Christmas.

Named Log4Shell, the vulnerability that was found in a piece of seemingly harmless software (Log4j) usually used for logging error messages in certain applications, had a way of letting a hacker into your servers without needing a password, overriding everything.

It’s been hailed as one of the worst and most widely impacting vulnerabilities in the last 10 years because it posed a threat to millions of servers and services.

12 hours after the vulnerability had been discovered, it was weaponised by hackers in order to gain access to things from government-level services to gaming servers, allowing them to:

●      Steal personal information 

●      Plant destructive pieces of code or those intended to spy on machines

●      Erase critical information

●      Takedown essential systems

And, in general, present a huge risk to all businesses from Amazon to your local supermarket.

Our focus at Quantaco has always been to take a proactive approach in everything, and this was no different. After finding out about the vulnerability our incredible team immediately checked all of our services and then worked with our technology partners to identify that there was no risk to our clients.

Out of all the systems we use here at Quantaco only two were found to have this vulnerability, but thanks to the quick response of our team, it was patched and fixed by the supplier with no signs of intrusion.

This vulnerability really emphasised to us the importance of having a proactive, knowledgeable, and hardworking team on your side. It made us especially thankful for ours, because others weren’t so lucky