Salesline – helping you manage your labour costs

With the current economic and social conditions, achieving operational excellence is proving to be more challenging than ever in the hospitality industry. And just when recovery seems at hand, circumstances change once again.

Labour is one of the highest variable costs in the industry, and as the current recovery climate proves to be unpredictable, hospitality venues may be leaving money on the table. Whether that’s overstaffing or underserving customers, inefficient rosters that aren’t directly linked to sales or revenue generation make it difficult to optimally roster and manage staff on-shift.

Matching The Pace of Hospitality

It’s not just about having the right data analytics, it’s being able to make decisions in the fast-paced environment businesses are used to. Enter Salesline, the latest offering from Quantaco specifically designed to meet the needs of venue performance in hospitality. 

This couldn’t have come at a better time with the shortage of staff hitting businesses currently, particularly when there’s little to no understandable metrics out there right now.

The Spotlight on Salesline

Salesline is a cloud-based digital platform that provides a close to real-time analysis of sales and staff on shift. This cutting-edge software is designed to assist business owners and operators in effective sales forecasting, decision-making, and efficient workforce planning and management.

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Sales and staff on shift displayed in 15 minute increments

What Salesline Can Do

By leveraging historical data, Salesline builds an accurate sales forecast and provides a dynamic view of sales and labour that impact operational efficiency. Being able to adjust the information all while working in unique 15-minute blocks helping you make better business decisions. And all this happens at the tip of your fingers. 

As it’s cloud-based, Salesline can be accessed easily through any smartphone, tablet, or laptop which gives you the power to unlock business potential and maximise results anytime, anywhere.

As we know, it’s not all sunshine and roses at the moment, so when things become unpredictable, you have full flexibility to adjust forecasts, customise to meet your business size, and enable the quick decisions and operational adjustments that are needed to improve revenue generation.

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Complete view of sales and staff by area of the venue

Ultimately, Salesline allows you to get an accurate live picture of sales revenue and how it relates to staffing, to finally get oversight on one of the largest variable costs in the business.