Star Compliance makes juggling hospitality legislation and regulations simple

As digitisation and technological solutions are making hospitality management more seamless, the one area being left behind is compliance. You probably already know compliance management is complex and hospitality is a heavily regulated industry. But, with safety risks, employee training requirements, licensing, and minimum reporting standards, it’s not just about remembering when your licensing expires. 

Now, as compliance needs increase you must ensure you can accurately respond to reported incidents, all staff must be able to report events in a timely way, mandatory training and accountability in business operations is essential, and of course making sure the relevant regulations are upheld at your location is a must.  

Giving Hospitality Peace of Mind

If not adhered to, regulation or compliance breaches can have one of the largest operational and financial impacts on your business. At Quantaco we want to make sure you’re not only compliant, but confident in how you manage your hospitality businesses’ compliance. That’s why the Star Compliance platform, our latest offering, is specifically designed by hospitality, for hospitality. 

The Spotlight on Star Compliance

By giving you the necessary tools needed to strategically address your compliance needs, Star Compliance allows you to seamlessly integrate this as part of your operations. From collated data for real-time decision-making and enhancing record retention and management to a compliant and consistent approach to mandatory incident reporting, Star Compliance makes your job much simpler. 

As an integrated digital compliance solution, the platform allows you to:

Manage Incidents Digitally

Any employee can capture, track, and report incidents at any time without double-entry issues or the need for paper-based reporting. Including uploading photos and CCTV. This gives you oversight of events at your venue from liquor and gaming to injuries, falls, and property damage.

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Eliminate paper-based incident registers.

Schedule and Track Compliance Tasks

Never forget an expiry date or essential task again. Assign tasks required for compliance to employees or teams to create accountability. You can schedule tasks like license expiries as one-time or recurring activities and colour code them to stay organised. Manage tasks from anywhere through the platform and turn on smart notifications for alerts when things are done.

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Accountability and scheduling for compliance is taken care of.

Staff Training and Development

Centralise, manage, and coordinate your staff training which can be completed anywhere by the team through the platform. Our library of courses ensure mandatory hospitality training is completed, and you can add your own content to suit your own business and regulatory needs.

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Upskill staff and easily perform compulsory training to suit your team.

If you want to make managing hospitality compliance simple, then try Star Compliance. Get the tools you need to turn compliance management into a strategic advantage. Learn more here: