Webinar Series: How do we ensure hospitality thrives after lockdown lifts?

Hospitality has been hit hard by COVID-19, the challenge of working in the industry has been exasperated by a series of lockdowns and continued uncertainty over when, and for how long, venues will open.

The industry is facing a range of challenges

While the most significant impact to everyone is financial, there are a range of broader issues that could, and often are, being mitigated.

How do you maintain contact with your team who are stood down? How do you stop the skills gap growing with limited labour supply? What are some of the behavioural changes to be expected with customers as they return? And what does the future of hospitality look like?

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Session one:

How do you keep a team engaged and up-skilled during lockdowns?

Wednesday 25th August 2pm AEDT

With venues closed and staff stood down there is an increasing risk of a growing skills gap in the industry and a disenfranchised workforce? How could you maintain a motivated, connected, and skilled team ready to return to work? What do we need to consider to ensure our team are safe when they return to post-lockdown work?

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Expert panel for session one

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Session two:

What should we expect of a post-lockdown customer and what do they expect from us?

Wednesday 1st September 2pm AEDT

Lifting lockdown restrictions will release latent demand for hospitality venues. But what should we expect from our customers?  Will suburban pubs boom while CBD venues remain quiet, will spirit sales spirits soar leaving beer lagging, and how do we manage increasing complexity around compliance?

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Expert panel for session two

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Session three:

How has COVID impacted the hospitality industry and what does the future look like?

Wednesday 8th September 2pm AEDT

With the hospitality industry hit hard by COVID and venues sitting idle, has this changed the landscape of the hospitality industry? What are the opportunities in the industry to be successful, are smaller operators being squeezed out of the market or is it possible to find a niche? What are some of the strategies that could lead to business success?

Expert panelists on hospitality join session two
Expert panelists for session three

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