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Salesline – helping you manage your labour costs

Labour is one of the highest variable costs in the industry, and as the current recovery climate proves to be unpredictable, hospitality venues may be leaving money on the table. Whether that’s overstaffing or underserving customers, inefficient rosters that aren’t directly linked to sales or revenue generation make it difficult to optimally roster and manage staff on shift.

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Quantaco Leverages Challenges in 2021 for Opportunities in 2022 and Beyond

It’s hardly a news headline that the hospitality industry has taken a beating since COVID-19 first started. But despite all the difficulties, Quantaco remained a force that helped many business owners weather the storm. Quantaco reflects on how the company has continued to make a difference to hospitality businesses and how it plans to offer game-changing solutions to pub and restaurant owners in 2022.

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At your service

The emerging tech known as RPA can enable some major efficiencies, prevent errors and reduce the potential for fraud for venues

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