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Our partners

Using a suite of tailored advisory and technology solutions, we offer hospitality-specific solutions to help our clients find success.

We believe that every hospitality operator should have access to the best. When they are with Quantaco, they get the best advice, products and services, enabling them to do what they do best – but better.

Partner Results

How we’ve unlocked our customer’s potential

“Quantaco allowed us to grow quickly, much quicker than I expected and that’s the team we can rely on working arm in arm.”

Warren Livingstone


“Combining our business with their expertise made the transition into our new finance agreement simple and Quantaco made that process understandable to me as a publican.”

Bill Young

Young Hotel Group

“Quantaco have helped a lot with the professionalism of the business. It’s allowed us to get cleaner, quicker information and I’d say at times up to a 10% increase in profit”

Chris Feros

Feros Group

We’re proud to partner with these outstanding hospitality venues

Leading with technology

Quantaco leverages industry-leading technology partners to create a highly efficient and easy-to-use platform that acts as the backbone to our client's business operations. Our technology partners include: