Cashup provides a digital, cloud-based solution, designed to streamline the daily takings reconciliation process

About Cashup

Save time, increase accuracy, and prevent fraud through an intuitive environment connected to data sources that reduces the double handling of reconciling daily takings.

Cashup provides a digital platform to enter financial data from across different trading activities such as POS, CRT, Poker Machines and petty cash. It has been designed by and for the hospitality industry and allows the retirement of old-school spreadsheets to provides a more dynamic environment with which to operate.

Unlocking potential

The safe

Our approach to daily takings reconciliation has always had the manager in mind. Cashup tracks movements, but it’s done it in a way managers can understand.


With Cashup, we don’t care for Z reads. We care for cash. We’ve made it simple for your staff to count the cash and let Cashup deal with the Z read.

EGM’s, CRT’s and AutoPay's:

The VIP Lounge is the engine room of your business, but equally the most complex to reconcile. Turnover, cancel credits, cheques & EFTs are just the beginning of the formula. Cashup breaks down the process into a simple step by step process that’s easy for your managers to follow, but most importantly understand.

Petty cash

Small spends can add up, which is why Cashup makes it easy to track expenses that were funded through petty cash.

Shift reports

Feedback from in-venue staff is crucial to the ongoing success of your operation, so Cashup provides an environment to easily capture the most salient points from their shift

Delivering results

  • Save time and improve accuracy with an intuitive, user friendly environment built with the end user in mind.
  • Integrated with world class systems to automatically capture sales data and upload the reconciliation to your accounting software.
  • Variances are tracked and patterns identified with consolidated summaries and variance reports.        

Please let us know if we can help you unlock potential with Cashup.

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