Hospitality platform

A tailored platform bespoke for the hospitality industry, encompassing some of the world's leading systems

About our hospitality platform

Quantaco has developed a highly efficient and easy to use platform that acts as the backbone to our clients' business operations. Connecting many of the industry's leading systems including points of sale, time and attendance systems as well as other financial platforms, the aggregation allows for data to seamlessly flow, ensuring constantly refreshed, accurate information is easily accessible.

Financial reporting is about setting a framework to deliver the most relevant data then applying business processes to ensure the right people in your organisation understand and effectively use the financial data they receive.

A system developed with hospitality in mind

An accurate and secure transfer method ensures a complete picture of the transactions that have taken place are collected and we use one of the world's leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems Oracle NetSuite to securely house this data. The benefit of using an ERP over other out-of-the-box systems is the configurability. We know how specific the hospitality industry is and we have developed, in collaboration with our customers, this platform to meet the exacting needs of our industry.

Value driven through our scale

Due to our scale and breadth of our customer base we are able to offer our technology platform, including access to several industry systems, at a much lower price than purchasing them independently. For many of our clients we use much of the technology for them, freeing them up to run their operation without administrative burden.

We believe every hospitality operator should have access to the best that technology has to offer. Quantaco provides our customers this, enabling them to do what they do best – but better.

Unlocking potential

  • An integrated platform made up of enterprise grade systems
  • Interconnected to seamlessly allow secure data transfer between systems
  • Tailored to meet the exacting needs of the hospitality industry
  • Data securely housed in one of the world's leading ERP systems; Oracle NetSuite

Delivering results

  • Secure, automated data flow with minimal manual intervention
  • Accurate, timely reporting of the financial health of your operations
  • Instant access to critical data to support strategic business decisions without delay
  • Lower cost access to high value technology systems

Please let us know if we can help you unlock potential with our hospitality platform.

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Figurz provides a digital platform to enter financial data from across different trading activities such as POS, CRT, Poker Machines and petty cash. It has been designed by and for the hospitality industry and allows the retirement of old-school spreadsheets to provides a more dynamic environment with which to operate.

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