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Digital and analytics

Digital solutions powered by real-time data, delivering insights helping hospitality businesses make actionable, business critical decisions, fast.

How we unlock your potential

Our data and analytics underpins everything we do, we connect to world class systems such as Oracle NetSuite, Deputy and Lightyear and aggregate all of the data into a simple to use platform giving you the ability to make intelligence-based, critical business decisions in real time.

Our unique, AI-driven platforms are unique in providing intra-day analysis of the operation’s performance taking into account sales data, time and attendance information and comparing it against forecast. This allows our customers to manage their business with an agility like no other.

Our hospitality focus and extensive customer base provides industry benchmarking data unrivalled anywhere else. This powerful dataset allows our customers to better manage their margins, supplier contracts and overall business performance.

How we deliver you results

By partnering with world class systems and developing them into a unique, industry-specific ecosystem, we are able to provide a turn-key solution for our customers where they benefit from an easy to use, tailored platform, bespoke for hospitality.

Automation allows us to deliver better services at a higher speed, more securely. It also means manual intervention is limited, reducing the associated opportunity for error, risk and fraud.

Analytics and Reporting allows us to analyse all areas of performance in real time, provide benchmarking against the industry averages, uncovering valuable insights which help drive better a better performance.

We are digital and analytics experts


Bringing together real-time sales data and time and attendance systems, Salesline is a solution that provides a dynamic view and powerful forecasting of sales and labour costs. Create accurate rosters that meet customer expectations as well as profitability targets while accounting for variables like the weather, sporting events and future bookings.


A digital platform to enter financial data from across different trading activities such as POS, CRT, Poker Machines and petty cash. Designed by and for the hospitality industry it retires old-school spreadsheets to provide a more dynamic environment with which to operate.

Turn-Key Hospitality Platform

Quantaco has developed a highly efficient and interconnected platform that acts as the backbone of our client’s business operations. Connect many of the industry’s leading systems including points of sale, time and attendance systems as well as other financial platforms. This allows data to seamlessly flow, ensuring constantly refreshed, accurate information is easily accessible.