Connect the dots between labour costs and sales for near-real-time analytics on venue performance.

What Is Salesline?

Bringing together near real-time sales data and time and attendance systems, Salesline is a solution that provides dynamic views and powerfully accurate forecasting on one of the highest variable costs – labour. Create accurate rosters that meet customer expectations and profitability targets while gaining a granularity of data you won’t find anywhere else.

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Unlocking potential

Discover Operational Value

Salesline utilises two years of historical data providing a rich historical view of past performance broken down into 15-minute increments.

Facilitate Future Forecasting

Create a complete picture you can make decisions on. Salesline allows you to accurately forecast in 15-minute blocks against an accurate future forecast. No more copy and paste rosters hoping history repeats.

Improve Roster Efficiency

Ensure you’re never under or overstaffed with a near-live view on sales versus forecasting. So you can respond quickly and always have your key performing team members on shift to maintain customer service and profitability targets.

Leverage These Features

Full flexibility

Adjust forecasts, customise to meet your business size, and enable the quick decisions and operational adjustments that are needed to improve revenue generation.

Multiple Views

Change views depending on what you what to drill down. Including whole or selected sections of the venue, or even by class of sale (beverage, food etc).

Near Real-Time Intelligence

Data is presented in 15 minutes intervals making Salesline unique in offering easy to access intra-daily performance data.


As it’s cloud-based, Salesline can be accessed easily through any smartphone, tablet, or laptop which gives you the power to unlock business potential and maximise results anytime, anywhere.

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