Hospitality Platform

Using the best of breed systems our integrated platform can help you automate and access a live flow of data, all in one place.

About Our Hospitality Platform

Tailored specifically for the hospitality industry, our platform acts as the backbone of our client’s business operations. Connecting and automating data transfer from a range of leading systems including time and attendance purchase automation systems as well as a globally leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. So you can automate and have access to the most accurate data flow.

QCO Platform 1
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Unlock Your Potential

We believe every hospitality operator should have access to the best that technology has to offer. We enable you to do what you do best – but better.

Secure, Automated Data Flow

All data is securely housed in one of the world’s leading ERP systems: Oracle NetSuite with minimal manual intervention needed. Data is processed automatically increasing accuracy and speed.

Accurate, Live Reporting

Get an in-depth picture of the financial health of your operations as well as instant access to critical data to support strategic business decisions without delay.

Lower Cost, Higher Value

Leverage enterprise-grade technology solutions at your fingertips even if you haven’t fully scaled yet. We set up, manage and maintain these solutions on your behalf so you’re maximising the benefits.

Our Scale Creates Your Value

Due to the scale and breadth of our customer base, we are able to offer our technology platform, including access to several industry systems, at a much lower price than purchasing them independently. By using the technology for many of our clients they are free to run their operation without administrative burden.

Specialised Solutions

Q Orange


A digital platform to enter financial data from across different trading activities such as POS, CRT, Poker Machines and petty cash. Designed by and for the hospitality industry it retires old-school spreadsheets to provide a more dynamic environment with which to operate.

Q Orange


Bringing together real-time sales data and time and attendance systems, Salesline is a solution that provides a dynamic view and powerful forecasting of sales and labour costs. Create accurate rosters that meet customer expectations as well as profitability targets while accounting for variables like the weather, sporting events and future bookings.

Q Orange

Star Compliance

Make hospitality compliance management simple using Star Compliance. The platform allows you to digitally centralise training, incident reporting, legislation and regulation requirements as well as maintain accountability for your venues.