Star Compliance

Simplify and manage mandatory hospitality legislation to turn compliance management into a strategic advantage.

What Is Star Compliance?

As an integrated digital compliance solution, the Star Compliance platform gives you access to enhanced record retention as well as a compliant and consistent approach to incident reporting and staff training. So you have confidence in your business’s compliance.

Star Compliance
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Unlock Your Potential

Digital Incident Reporting

Eliminate paper-based incident registers and double-entry issues. Any employee can capture, track, and report incidents at any time including uploading photos and CCTV. Giving you oversight of events from liquor and gaming to injuries, falls, and property damage.

Accountability and Tracking of Compliance Tasks​

Schedule and assign checklists or tasks to teams or individuals. From opening checklists to regulation requirements you can use notifications and alerts to keep your team on track and accountable.

Centralised Staff Development

Upskill staff and easily perform compulsory training from anywhere to suit your team. Create custom training and have access to our library of hospitality compliance training courses.

Leverage These Features

Digital data storage

A consistent and compliant approach to mandatory incident reporting with collated data to enable effective decisions and enhanced record retention.

Standardise tasks

Be confident in operational procedures being followed with tasks and checklists easily created and effortlessly remind staff with scheduled push notifications and alerts

Provide training 24/7

Take the pain out of training, with on-the-job courses easily accessible 24/7 allowing your team to be upskilled any time with short but relevant modules

“I’m amazed to see venues still writing in little black books, diaries, and pieces of paper. Or providing instructions verbally, and not recording anything. Through my expertise as both a police office and a consultant, these books and records go missing, are destroyed or misplaced, and cannot be produced when a police officer walks onto the premises. Leaving venues vulnerable for regulatory action.”

Bob Stefanovski

Director & Senior Licensing Consultant, Liquor Advisory Services

Are you leaving your venues vulnerable for regulatory action?

Bob Stefanovski (Director & Senior Licensing Consultant, Liquor Advisory Services) shares his experience of some venues of the industry right now. If you’re looking for a platform that helps resolve these challenges, learn more about our Star Compliance platform.

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