Unlocking The Potential In Hospitality

With over a decade of experience, Quantaco combines bespoke technology and hospitality-focused expertise to deliver outstanding results to pub groups, clubs and restaurants.

Hospitality Focused, Technology Driven

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Hospitality is at the heart of what we do, and guided by a decade of experience we are able to understand the challenges and opportunities the industry faces, enabling us to see the potential for our clients that others don’t.

Data-driven Decision-Making

Gain valuable insights into your business to enable faster decision-making, streamline operations, and improve performance.

Increased Margins

Lower costs and increase profit by leveraging your resources to their full potential.

Sustainable Growth

Futureproof your business so you can sustainably grow and scale without taking on more workload.

Technical Interconnectivity

Use enterprise-grade technology tailored to the hospitality industry that talks to each other so you don’t have to manage multiple systems.

Achieve Your Potential

Our focus is in providing solutions to previously unmet needs of the hospitality industry. This includes providing a broad range of services with our Business Advisory team, innovative products and solutions with Insurance & Risk or help with debt raising with Capital Advisory.
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Financial reporting


Fully inclusive expert hospitality accounting so you can get continuity and focus on your customer delivery. Free up resources, develop scaleable processes and maintain accurate processes and records for your finance function.

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Digital and analytics 1

Digital and analytics

Connect to world-class systems for real-time data and insights to allow fast, business-critical decision-making.

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Business advisory

Business advisory

Receive expert support, advice and strategies to thrive and grow in an extremely competitive and highly regulated industry.

Insurance and risk
Capital advisory

Capital advisory

Navigate the complex world of capital and achieve the outcomes you want whether you’re expanding, divesting or simply renovating.

Bespoke Technology Solutions


A digital platform to enter financial data from across different trading activities such as POS, CRT, Poker Machines and petty cash. Designed by and for the hospitality industry it retires old-school spreadsheets to provide a more dynamic environment with which to operate.

Star Compliance

Make hospitality compliance management simple using Star Compliance. The platform allows you to digitally centralise training, incident reporting, legislation and regulation requirements as well as maintain accountability for your venues.

Turn-Key Hospitality Platform

Quantaco has developed a highly efficient and interconnected platform that acts as the backbone of our client’s business operations. Connect many of the industry’s leading systems including points of sale, time and attendance systems as well as other financial platforms. This allows data to seamlessly flow, ensuring constantly refreshed, accurate information is easily accessible.


Bringing together real-time sales data and time and attendance systems, Salesline is a solution that provides a dynamic view and powerful forecasting of sales and labour costs. Create accurate rosters that meet customer expectations as well as profitability targets while accounting for variables like the weather, sporting events and future bookings.

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