Deepening Expertise in Pub Operations: An Upskilling Journey to Hyderabad

In our ongoing commitment to stay abreast of our clients’ operations and the intricacies of their venues, Matt, the Head of Customer Success at Quantaco’s Sydney office, embarked on an upskilling trip to Hyderabad. His mission? To provide ongoing training to our Hyderabad team members, so that they stay up to date with the day-to-day operations within our clients venues.

The itinerary aimed to immerse the team in all aspects of pub management, from pub operations to customer service excellence. The day commenced with an interactive introduction and Q&A session, delving into the intricacies faced by publicans. Discussions centered around the operational challenges of venue management, the paramount importance of customer experience, and strategies for fostering a welcoming ambiance.


As the morning progressed, the team was treated to firsthand insights into front-of-house operations, encompassing processes, techniques, and stringent quality control measures. Explorations of market trends and innovations equipped the team with invaluable knowledge to better cater to their clients’ evolving challenges, needs and preferences.

The focus then shifted to kitchen operations, providing the team with insights into food preparation, menu development, and optimising kitchen efficiency. Discussions also covered updated food health and safety standards, emphasising how our compliance solution can streamline procedures, checklists, and tasks to uphold standards in pub kitchens.


Post-lunch, bar operations took center stage, with a comprehensive examination of beverage selection, mixology techniques, and service standards. Inventory management and ordering processes were discussed, emphasising the attention to detail required for successful pub management.

The training day concluded with targeted sessions on payroll and invoicing, offering the team enhanced insights into the financial aspects of pub management from the perspective of our clients. Moreover, there were insights shared regarding updates to specific awards pertinent to Australian pub venues, equipping the team with tools to offer enhanced support to pub clients in financial matters relating to payroll.


A highlight of the day was getting access to a the Over the moon pub for the day in Hyderabad, where the team did a one-hour bartender course. Led by experienced professionals, the session offered practical insights into the art of mixology, further enriching understanding of pub operations.

“Through this immersive experience, we’ve not only deepened our team’s expertise in pub operations but also fortified our commitment to nurturing stronger client relationships. By continuously upskilling our Hyderabad team, Quantaco ensures that we deliver enhanced value to our pub clientele. Armed with enhanced knowledge and understandings, our team is continuously striving to better support our clients, elevating their understandings in navigating the nuances of venue management.” – Matt Dagg, Head of Customer Success at Quantaco