Building a turn-key Hospitality Platform for the Hospitality Industry

Over a decade ago we saw the need to embed technology into professional services, and since then we’ve been continually working to create and improve our turn-key suite of technology, tailored to hospitality.

For us it’s more than just deploying the best accounting software. Instead, we create a unique hospitality platform for the hospitality clients we serve that improves operations and gives visibility for decision-making at a higher level. 

The power of these interconnected systems is also to bring enhanced accuracy, greater speed, and limited manual input which lowers the opportunity for fraud, errors, or inconsistencies. In short it just works, and here’s why: 

Building a Financial Management Platform for the Hospitality Industry

We manage and maintain the systems on your behalf which is an additional value for all our customers. This allows us to troubleshoot and solve issues if users encounter them, as well as make sure it’s being used to its full potential, so we can maximise the benefit of the technology in your business.

Not only do we work with our customers but we’re also continually working with suppliers too. Inputting the industry’s needs into the technology so it makes it onto their roadmap.


Hospitality Platform
Quantaco’s tailored suite of technology

Some of the tools we use as part of our suite include:


By partnering with time and attendance systems, primarily the Enterprise version of Deputy, means we can build custom reporting specific for our customers. Thanks to our own proprietary tool, Salesline, we can create an accurate forecast in 15-minute blocks that we are then able to push automatically into Deputy.

We have also built an awards engine so we can accurately and immediately update pay rates when new awards are released.

Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite is the backbone of our platform. As an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system it brings enterprise-level technology into our customer’s businesses. The difference between an ERP and off-the-shelf solutions is in the level of flexibility and customisation available.

While many different software allow configuration, they fall short when it comes to hospitality-specific customisation. Choosing Oracle NetSuite lets us facilitate true customisation and build code that is specific and fit for purpose.


We also use Lightyear to ensure we accurately map costs from invoices. The technology ‘reads’ an invoice and through the set-up we do with our clients will be allocated correctly to the right accounting line in the P&L. This touch-free process has built-in approvals to provide control and delivers accuracy while streamlining the process. 

Lightyear can also help with purchase orders and inventory along with the price checker feature to ensure costs remain inline with your expectations.

At Quantaco we want to make sure you’re unlocking the potential that already exists in your business. So, if you want to learn more about how we can help you create a financial management platform in your hospitality business, get in touch with us today.