Download your Severe Weather Checklist!

Thunderstorms, bushfires, heat waves, and tropical cyclones are all too common weather occurrences during summer in Australia. In light of our current storm season, we want to provide general guidance for all members to prepare, respond and recover from severe weather events over the duration of our summer period.

There is a greater chance of heavy rain and flooding, particularly in the east coast and interior regions, due to above-average rainfall projected by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology across a significant portion of Australia since spring and continuing the whole of the summer period. Expect big hail, strong gusts, and frequent, intense downpours with these weather systems.

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Quantaco emphasises the importance of proactive measures to safeguard your property. The following checklist, prepared by our risk management team, can be used throughout the year.

By incorporating the checklists proactive measures into your venue’s routine compliance, you contribute to creating a safer and more resilient venue in the face of Australia’s dynamic weather conditions. Stay prepared, stay informed, and stay safe.


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