Employee Spotlight: Stewart Irwin

Background and Experience

Stewart Irwin’s career has been marked by significant milestones that shaped his expertise in Business Intelligence (BI). Starting in 2003, Stewart founded the Phocas Australian trading company and led it as Managing Director & Head of Sales.

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Transitioning to the CFO role, he spearheaded major initiatives such as an ERP migration and a shift in business model to a partner-based approach. Reflecting on these roles, Stewart notes, “Each position prepared me for the next, layering my understanding of business and financial data management.”

Current Role at Quantaco

As Head of Business Intelligence at Quantaco, Stewart is focused on unlocking the value that can often be trapped in data by turning it from static information into insightful analysis.

Collaborating with the data team, Stewart is tasked with leveraging the various data sources Quantaco is connected to and, through aggregation, normalisation, and visualisation, deliver a robust business insights solutions that supports informed decision-making and improved business outcomes. Stewart explains, “My primary goal is to leverage Quantaco’s data to not only support but also transform our client engagements through actionable insights.”

Projects and Initiatives

Quantaco has already introduced innovative initiatives to the Australian hospitality landscape through the use of point of sale and time and attendance data we are able to help with better demand planning, and rostering and ultimately reduce labour costs. Stewart and the team are now looking to develop more innovative ways we can help clients access more information from deeper financial analysis to understanding client trends and trading conditions. “We’re looking to produce quite revolutionary environments, turning data exploration into a simple, intuitive process,” Stewart states.

Technology and Innovation

One example Stewart will champion in his role is leveraging cutting-edge technology to help with budgeting and forecasting. This approach replaces complex spreadsheets with more structured, logical, and accessible BI tools. “We are at the cusp of a major shift in how businesses approach budgeting and forecasting, moving away from cumbersome spreadsheets to dynamic, data-driven tools,” remarks Stewart.

Impact and Growth

Looking forward, Stewart sees significant growth in the BI landscape through integrating AI and consolidating diverse data sets into Quantaco’s centralised data warehouse. “The integration of AI with our BI capabilities is not just an enhancement; it’s a revolution, offering predictive insights and real-time data analytics that are game-changers for our clients,” Stewart states. This strategy will ensure that Quantaco remains at the forefront of BI technology, offering real-time visibility and actionable insights that are crucial for client satisfaction and business growth.

Stewart Irwin’s deep understanding of both the technical and business sides of BI, combined with his strategic vision, ensures that Quantaco is well-positioned to leverage data for optimal business outcomes, driving both innovation and growth.

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