Meet the Newest Members of Quantaco’s Team

As we continue to grow and innovate, we’re always looking for new talent to join our team and bring in new expertise and perspectives, so we can provide the best service for our clients. Our latest team members are already doing just that, so let’s introduce them below. 

Melissa Ammirati – Business Development Manager, Star Compliance 

Melissa Ammirati 1

Melissa joins us from her last role working in a fine dining venue and is dedicated to advancing sales of our Star Compliance app. She has extensive hospitality experience across a broad range of venues from nightclubs to premium dining where she has regularly managed teams and revenue.

She shared some of her experience with Quantaco so far by saying, “I’m passionate about the hospitality industry and truly live and breathe it. So far I have found Quantaco to be a workplace which gives the right importance to the organisation, talent, and skills of its employees. Everyone seems very supportive and happy to share this beautiful culture.” 

Luke Whitehead – Marketing Manager

Luke Whitehead

Having previously worked in large global businesses like Westpac and Philips, Luke brings both B2C and B2B digital and conventional marketing to his skillset. Adding his sales experience into the mix, he’s the triple threat responsible for the ongoing messaging of Quantaco to the market. 

Speaking on his first impressions of Quantaco, Luke shared, “The breadth of knowledge that so many employees and management possessed about the hospitality sector, in which Quantaco operates, is evidence of their exceptional capacity to connect and provide value to their customers in a unique way. This knowledge has assisted my own understanding of the extent of the business scope as well as the various offerings”.

James Reading – Client Director

James Reading 1

As a senior finance professional with a mix of experience in large accounting firms and international corporates, James was recently the Director of the UK finance function for a global market research agency called Kantar where he supported the business through the sale of a controlling stake in the business to Bain Capital.

Having recently returned to Australia from the UK, James is putting his expertise to good use in the Platform Services team as Client Director. He shared his first impressions of Quantaco by saying, “Quantaco has a very clear vision, and it is evident that the executives of the organisation share this vision and agree on the organisation’s strategic goals and culture that will ultimately drive its success.”

Why Quantaco? Our New Members Share Their Insights 

We know why we love Quantaco, but we wanted to hear from our new team members about what drew them to Quantaco in the first place. 

A love of hospitality

Melissa shared how Quantaco has the same love of hospitality as she does by saying, “I found Quantaco to be the best match to my abilities and the perfect evolution to my professional and interpersonal skills. I’m looking forward to learning new aspects and different approaches to supporting the Hospitality industry that I love!” 

Unique opportunities

While Luke is excited to see how he can add more value and said, “With prior expertise in cloud-based solutions and extensive knowledge of digital marketing, I was eager to lead the marketing and push Quantaco’s distinctive value offerings via a digitally oriented lens to their clients within the hospitality sector.”

Deep expertise

Meanwhile James chose Quantaco because “Quantaco is well positioned to leverage off the increased adoption of technology in the more traditional hospitality/pub industry. With its unique technology-enabled solution Quantaco has a deep understanding of the industry and has the expertise, tools, and data to help clients create value.”

Thank you to our newest team members for sharing their experiences with us. If you want to join the Quantaco team, please visit our current vacancies here: