Meet Our Client Directors at Quantaco: Driving Success and Strategic Growth

At Quantaco, our Platform Services team is dedicated to supporting our hospitality clients in their journey towards improved performance. With a suite of interconnected technologies, including payroll management, accounts payable, and financial reporting, our team of Client Directors plays a crucial role in helping our clients achieve their strategic goals. In this blog post, we want to introduce you to our Client Directors who work closely with their clients, providing strategic support and guidance, and acting as trusted partners in their business advancement.

Background and Expertise:

Our Client Directors are all highly qualified chartered accountants with over 10 years of experience. Their professional backgrounds include serving as in-house CFOs and they bring a depth of knowledge and expertise to their roles at Quantaco. Leading a team that works as an extension of our clients’ own teams, our Client Directors understand the unique challenges and opportunities within the hospitality industry.

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A Day in the Life:

One of the exciting aspects of being a Client Director at Quantaco is the diversity of clients they work with, ensuring that no two days are the same. Their main responsibility is to lead their teams in delivering committed deliverables with high quality and on time. However, their role goes beyond that.

Our Client Directors go above and beyond by offering strategic support and guidance to our clients. Acting as a virtual CFO, they help advance our clients’ businesses through various activities, including acquisitions, budgeting, taxation, and annual compliance. By working hand in glove with our clients’ teams, our Client Directors ensure that the strategic ambitions of the group are achieved.

Monthly Management Meeting:

One of the highlights for our Client Directors is the monthly management meeting, where they chair a meeting with the group’s management team. During these sessions, the Client Directors delve into the financial performance, analysing key metrics and drawing upon the insights our team has access to. With their broad range of experience in the hospitality industry, our Client Directors provide valuable insights and recommendations that drive growth and success for our clients.

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“Quantaco works hand in hand with my team and are very much an extension of our business. So, the benefits of scale we can clearly see.”

– Martin Short; CEO, Welcome Hospitality.

Meet our Client Directors:

James Reading

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James, a senior finance professional with a wealth of experience in leading accounting firms and international corporations, recently played a pivotal role as the Director of Finance for Kantar, a global market research agency. During his tenure, James provided vital support throughout the sale of a controlling stake in the company to Bain Capital.

Having recently returned to Australia from a period of time in the UK, James is now leveraging his expertise as a Client Director in Quantaco’s esteemed Platform Services team. In describing his initial impressions of Quantaco, James enthusiastically states, “Quantaco demonstrates a remarkable clarity of vision, united by executives who share this vision and align on strategic goals and a culture that will propel the company to ongoing success.”

Lauren McKiernan

Meet Lauren, our new Client Director! A Chartered Accountant with a Bachelor of Commerce, Lauren brings a wealth of experience from her roles in Chartered Accounting firms and as the former Chief Financial Officer of an ASX Listed company. She’s impressed by Quantaco’s dynamic business model and values, aligning perfectly with her own.

With a keen interest in customer focus, technology advancements, and strategic expansion, Lauren is motivated by strong executive direction and values collaborative teamwork. Excited to contribute her skills to client relationships, Lauren looks forward to being part of Quantaco’s progressive journey and future success.

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Philip Knight

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Meet Phil, our Client Director at Quantaco. As a highly qualified Chartered Accountant, Philip brings a wealth of experience, having delivered exceptional results in the dynamic landscape of an international ASX-listed business. His extensive finance skillset spans commercial operations, financial reporting, treasury management, and more.

Phil’s strategic approach is marked by consistent day-to-day improvements, fostering a path to achieving long-term organizational goals. Prior to joining Quantaco, Phil played a key role at the EPG group, showcasing his expertise and dedication to financial excellence. With Phil at the helm, our clients benefit from a seasoned professional committed to driving success through financial precision and strategic foresight.

Jude Low

Introducing Jude, another of our Client Director at Quantaco. With a rich background rooted in financial expertise, Jude has seamlessly transitioned from a pivotal role at PKF to work within Quantaco as a Client Director for the past four years to our valued hospitality clients.

His strategic vision during his lengthily time working within Quantaco, paired with an in-depth industry knowledge make him an invaluable asset, ensuring unparalleled financial guidance and success for our clients. Jude’s commitment to excellence and passion for fostering strong client relationships exemplify the core values we uphold at Quantaco.

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In summary:

At Quantaco, our Client Directors play a vital role in supporting our clients in achieving their strategic goals. With their expertise as qualified chartered accountants and their hands-on experience as in-house CFOs, they bring a unique perspective to their work. By collaborating closely with our clients’ teams and utilising our interconnected suite of technologies, our Client Directors ensure that our hospitality clients receive tailored guidance and support on their journey towards improved performance and strategic growth.