Inside the Streamlined Onboarding Process for Quantaco’s Hospitality Platform

Adopting new technology can sometimes  feel like a big undertaking, even if it’s a welcome change to your hospitality business. At Quantaco we’ve honed our onboarding process for our platform services across hundreds of customers to be as streamlined and stress-free as possible. So you can adopt hospitality-specific solutions that solve the challenges in your business, not add more to them! 

In this post we’ll give you an inside look at exactly what happens during our onboarding process, and what you can expect from our team.  

The Onboarding Team 

Bringing over 23 years of pub and restaurant management experience across Sydney to the table, our onboarding team have experience with everything from group operations to function and gaming management. They understand not only how rewarding and exciting the hospitality industry can be, but the pain points and challenges the industry can present. 

Their role is to make the process work for you while creating efficiencies so you can focus on the important part of running your business. Successful onboarding relies on communication from both sides and we are here to be an extension of your team to go on the journey together. That’s why you’ll be able to allocate a main contact person from your business to connect with our team that include Seonaid and Sarah to make things as seamless as possible. 

The Process

Consisting of 5 key stages (Discovery, Alignment, Migration, Testing, and Go Live) the onboarding process takes an average of 4 weeks. From signing an engagement the team spring into action setting up access to a range of systems, we also work on refining processes with the venue and ensure that we have access to historical data so we can provide year on year comparatives.

Colorful Elegant Linear Steps Process Diagram

Go live isn’t the end for the team, they continue to work very closely with all stakeholders for the next 8 weeks during the ‘hyper-care’ phase to ensure you’re comfortable with the process, understand the platform, and are receiving a smooth service. 

One of the other benefits of moving to Quantaco’s platform is the assurance that you are using the latest features of all the software. Often we find customers on out-dated versions or only skimming the surface with the system’s capabilities. 

As a reminder the Quantaco platform includes the following systems:

Communication is the key ingredient to success and we embed a communication framework in the project to make sure there is frequent and open dialogue as we go through the change management process. And while change can often seem scary, by highlighting the benefits of the process we find our clients are quite receptive and embrace the change.

Training & Support

We help implement change through training and an open channel of support via phone or email throughout the whole onboarding process. We have worked with a range of people and are able to adapt our training and communication to suit all types of personalities and needs. We are here to make the first couple of months as smooth as possible and help iron out any teething issues to ensure your teams feel comfortable with the new process and procedure.

Ultimately, working with Quantaco to onboard you to our platform services is designed to be as easy as possible through our robust onboarding process.

If you’re looking to get all of the benefits of Quantaco’s tailored hospitality platform, learn more here