Quantaco Hits Hospitality Pain Points With its Latest ‘What if…’ Campaign

Having created a turn-key solutions tailored to the hospitality industry and supporting the recovery of many businesses over the last two years, Quantaco is launching its latest ‘What If…’ campaign.

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The campaign will go live on the 28th of July and will feature in the press, across socials, paid advertising, and most notably the Australasian Gaming Expo (AGE) event from the 9th to the 11th of August at ICC Sydney.

With the aim of speaking directly to hospitality businesses and publicans across Australia, the ‘What If…’ campaign gets to the heart of some of the biggest pain points the industry is facing right now and provides clear solutions to resolve them. This builds on the momentum of the last 12-18 months of support that Quantaco has been providing to the industry and hospitality owner community post-COVID-19.

The hope is that with this campaign Quantaco can reach and support even more businesses with solutions that can make a huge impact. For example, Quantaco’s current toolkit can:

  • Increase growth and profit
  • Reduce wage costs
  • Reduce the potential for fraud
  • Provide greater access to enterprise-grade technology
  • Make increasing compliance needs simpler to manage

And this is exactly what this latest campaign hopes to communicate.

Quantaco CEO, Anthony Sullivan shared what inspired this campaign by saying, “this campaign focuses on exactly the use cases and results we’ve been putting into practice with our clients. From a 4% EBITDAR increase to a 6% decrease in wage costs, our solutions, managed on your behalf, address the current gap for hospitality businesses right now.”

Join Quantaco at the Australasian Gaming Expo to win a $1000 travel voucher and learn more about how we can help, or get in touch with us here or at [email protected]