Seeing opportunities for the hospitality industry with Quantaco’s Business Development Manager, Ryan Morris

Business Development Manager, Ryan Morris joined our team almost a year ago after a passion for hospitality technology landed him at Quantaco. Having been in hospitality since he was 16, Ryan’s diverse experience spans cafes, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs and bars in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. He has held a variety of roles including front of house, service, operations, and management which means he has a unique perspective to bring to the table when it comes to talking to clients.

This experience extends to being a General Manager and Licensee at a pub on the Northern Beaches and has allowed him to understand the unique opportunities available to hospitality businesses and how to leverage them.

In this post, Ryan is sharing the current opportunities that have become available thanks to technology innovation and adoption, and how hospitality businesses can make the most of them right now.

New Opportunities for Hospitality Businesses

Opportunity Cost
For owners, there’s a heavy focus on ‘What is the cost of a solution?’ particularly at the moment in such a volatile market. But the reality is that failure to take advantage of new technology or innovation can result in failure to tap into new revenue sources, greater profitability, or the greatest opportunity of all being more time to focus on higher value activities such as people development, customer service or strategic development.

Speaking on the opportunity cost for businesses, Ryan shares,

“In the case of Quantaco, we are offering clients more technology, more automation and more service than ever before, we even take out costs that exist in their business today as our platform includes a range of solutions that may already be in use, we simply package it into a fully managed solution at a single monthly fee”.

Greater Transparency

Hospitality businesses have often adopted a lot of ad-hoc technology in their venues but aren’t able to bring this together to have a holistic picture of their business. Our platform is an ecosystem of inter-connected systems meaning we are able to provide accurate, timely views on the whole business including a consolidated picture across multiple venues within a group which is not often possible with off-the-shelf accounting software commonly used.

And because we are singularly focused on hospitality, Quantaco has a deep data set on the industry allowing us to offer benchmarking solutions that Ryan discusses by saying,

“We have access to so much data due to our wide pool of clients, that we are able to identify how similar (anonymised) businesses are performing. Being able to understand where you sit can make a huge difference operationally for our clients.”

Efficiencies through technology
Understandably, many hospitality businesses can be fearful of change, for example using spreadsheets to reconcile receipts, and keeping many things on paper rather than digitising. But the reality is, with the amount of technology available right now, pubs in particular, can leverage this technology to create efficiencies and cost savings in the business. Wages are an excellent example of where venues can both increase customer service and streamline costs using technology that wasn’t previously available.

Ryan has a lot of experience moving away from legacy systems, and has discussed the following with clients,

“I always say to prospective clients that just because it has historically worked, doesn’t mean it’s the best option for your business right now. Technology has progressed, and it’s important to use this in hospitality to help you compete, and leverage the opportunities it could bring. This stands for both front-of-house operations as well as back-office logistics. Quantaco has a variety of solutions that can immediately add instant value to venues that owners may not be aware of.”

With these challenges in mind, Ryan has shared these 3 tips for technology adoption for hospitality owners: 

3 Tips for Adopting Change in Hospitality 

Don’t Delay

It’s easy to delay for one reason or another but the reality is that change is inevitable, and in many cases with competitors, change is already here. Customers have higher expectations from their venues, from fast Wi-Fi to improved customer service, but technology adoption is the key to meeting both operational efficiency and service delivery. 

Measure what matters 

Remaining competitive in the local market is key for hospitality businesses to succeed, and the only way to do this is to be able to measure where you stand in terms of performance and costs. Ryan’s advice to owners is clear,

“The hospitality industry is moving forward, not backwards, so owners can’t afford to be left behind.”

Use hospitality-specific solutions

There are many solutions on the market but the only ones venues should be considering are those focused on hospitality because the technology will be specific to what you and your venue need. 

Quantaco’s focus on hospitality is exactly what prompted Ryan to join Quantaco in the first place, and he has shared,

“Quantaco builds solutions to support hospitality (and only hospitality) which means we speak the same language. This is why I love what I do, because I’m not in the business of sales, I’m in the business of helping hospitality businesses realise and unlock their potential that they could be missing out on right now!”

The adoption of new technology starts with someone who lives and breathes hospitality just like you. So if you want to talk directly to Ryan, and tap into his 16 years of experience, get in touch with him below. He would be happy to help.