Sydney’s Quantaco Team Talks All Things Cashup at July’s ‘Lunch and Learn’

As part of our investment in our values, we hold collaboration days every two weeks. During these days our Sydney team come together and maximise face-to-face sessions such as team meetings and planning workshops.

One of our most popular activities is the ‘Lunch and Learn’ which takes on different themes and styles each time. This could be anything from our diversity and inclusion focus to having a magician show some of the tricks of his trade! 

Our latest ‘Lunch and Learn’ was aimed at ensuring everyone could confidently use one of our latest products, Cashup. Here’s how they got on…

IMG 4811

Quantaco & Cashup Catch-up

Starting the session off by discussing the various revenue areas of a pub, Customer Success Manager, Matt Dagg shared the importance of using Cashup for venues. He dived into everything from POS to CRT and ATMs, giving the team insights into the type of reporting available on Cashup as well as the key metrics of each report. 

The team then had a short demo of Cashup highlighting the key features that hospitality businesses can benefit from the application. The group was then split into smaller teams and each one was given ‘dummy’ reports to work through using a sample Cashup. The team then had to work through the reports entering the correct figures and (hopefully!) getting to the correct ‘bankable’ number. 

After working through the activities, we got to the ‘lunch’ portion of the ‘Lunch and Learn’ where the team enjoyed fresh burritos and discussed what they had accomplished throughout the session. 

At Quantaco we stand by the products we use and recommend to our clients, which is why we invest so much time on training and teaching our team. So that everyone, no matter their department, understands the products we are using on a daily basis. 

A big thank you to the commercial team, especially Matt for leading the session, and we look forward to our next ‘Lunch and Learn’!