Quantaco’s Hospitality Platform Grows With More Integrations

Using our deep understanding of the hospitality industry, we’re able to tackle the unique challenges that venues are facing and create opportunities and solutions through technology.

One of the ways we do this is through our hospitality platform made up of proprietary technology such as Cashup and Salesline, as well as the technology we partner with to give our clients choice over what we consider to be best available in the market.

We’re pleased to announce that our platform is growing, and this means even more good news for hospitality venues.

Bringing more partners on board

The Quantaco platform has expanded the available partners for time and attendance systems to now include three options; Deputy, Tanda and Keypay.


In selecting the options, the team undertook a detailed analysis across a range of different systems. Looking at the features and usability of each, along with time and motion studies to identify how quick (or long) different actions would take.

We worked with our partners to ensure what they offered was fit for purpose, and where there were gaps, encourage them to be closed.

From there the three that were selected were those that were able to offer our current clients the best in the market, while each is offering a slightly different range of features to be recommended to new clients.

Speaking on the new partnerships, CCO, Scott Barber shared, “We recognise that time and attendance systems are one of the most widely used systems in a venue, everything from creating rosters to clocking in and approving timesheets and different operators were looking for different features in the system that they were using. As a result, we now offer our clients a choice of three systems to select from.”

How this connects to our wider hospitality platform

The unique point of difference is that our tailored hospitality platform is managed and maintained on behalf of clients. Curated products are seamlessly brought together to ensure an accurate data flow and minimal human interaction for speedy delivery.


The latest partnership additions offer even more flexibility and options for the platform. Barber discussed the offering by saying, “We continue to offer these systems as part of our fully inclusive pricing model where the systems and service come as one monthly fee. We manage the setup and support through our team of Customer Success Managers, all skilled in both the tech and the optimum use of the features in hospitality operations.”

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