Star Compliance: Introducing The New Responsible Gaming Module

Star Compliance is a comprehensive solution that helps hospitality venues comply with regulations, manage incidents, maintain operational excellence, and keep their team skilled.

It offers features such as: 

  • Digital capture and secure storage of in-venue incidents
  • Checklist and tasks management
  • eLearning modules.

Now, Star Compliance has added a new feature called the ‘Responsible Gaming Module’. This feature uses facial recognition technology to deliver fast, accurate and real-time alerts for people of interest, such as self-excluded patrons or suspected offenders.

How does it work?

By leveraging digital CCTV cameras to process images through facial recognition software the Responsible Gaming Module will create an ‘incident’ in Star Compliance automatically when an image matches any person of interest in the database. It will also include the relevant details and history on the person and send a real-time alert. 


Creating and recognising people of interest is easy with Star Compliance. You can enter personal details and a photo of a person who wishes to self-exclude or who has caused trouble in the venue. You can also select an image from the cameras and add notes to create a record for someone who is no longer on site. This way, you can be alerted if they return to the venue.


Knowing that the facial recognition software has a high degree of accuracy and provides a percentage match number means you can have confidence in approaching a person of interest.

You can also record the action you took by selecting from a drop-down list and adding additional comments if needed for easier reporting.

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The Responsible Gaming Module in Star Compliance is a powerful tool that helps you protect your venue from potential risks and promote responsible gaming. It is soon to be part of Star Compliance’s suite of features that make your life easier and your business better.