Quantaco: Leveraging our Technology to Support the Hospitality Sector

As a proven leader, and successful COO, CFO and Commercial Director, Michael Vamos joined our team in December 2019, stepping into the COO role at Quantaco. He has a track record of developing and executing successful business strategy, improving operational and financial performance while effectively managing risk versus reward. Which puts him in a unique position to create market growth and strategic advantage for Quantaco and its clients. 

Explaining what his job role entails, Michael says, “I’m the custodian of the 3 drivers of successful operations: capability, process and technology. This means I’m involved in all areas of the business whether it be strategy development, planning our quarterly Key Results’s and targets, or diving into the building and testing of features that will help drive our commitment to automated financial reporting for our clients.” 

In this post, Michael shares how technology has become an enabler for strategy at Quantaco.


The Role of Technology in hospitality Strategy

When we bring everyone up the value chain (doing more problem-solving and less data entry) our clients and the industry are able to focus more on their customers, growing their business, and maximising leveraging their full potential. And technology is the key to accomplishing  this. 

Implementing technology means finding answers that used to be hidden and using it strategically to get real-time results for quicker decision-making. This responsiveness and data-driven results are what make a difference and improves outcomes, allowing people to move up the value chain. 

Speaking on how Quantaco chooses the technology to use, Michael shared, “We integrate third-party technology based on our deep understanding of the industry and our clients. We are always looking to enhance the platform with a guiding principle of “best of breed” but where we see a gap, we build our own. We listen to what our customers are saying, and we always have our ear to the ground in terms of where the industry is heading and how new applications might be helping to solve industry problems that we can leverage for clients.”


Quantaco’s Automation Program is Delivering Value

As an example, Michael has ownership over the Dynamic Financial Reporting Automation Program which has been running for 15 months across our Sydney and Hyderabad teams. It’s designed to deliver scale and unparalleled financial insights for our team as well as venue operators, while also reducing risks. 

Speaking on the program’s significance, Michael shared, “For a venue operator, to have the capability we have at the click of your fingers, is game-changing. What we are building (technology-enabled solutions through a true partnership model that are data and insights driven) will help every committed venue operator to be their very best. Our value proposition is compelling even before looking at what’s on the road map. It’s why we have ben recognised by the AFR as one of Australia’s fastest growing companies.doubled in the last 12 months.”

The impact of this program is vast with outcomes already being felt across the team and our own customers. Through technology, hospitality venues are able to get faster, accurate financial information, and deal with a more engaged workforce that has more time to focus on solving problems rather than just entering data which sees benefits both inside and outside the organisation. 


Use Technology to Realise your Potential with Quantaco

At Quantaco we have the opportunity to create value through a unique blend of technology and people. When we are able to leverage the expert knowledge of our team, as well as the technology and automation that is singularly focused on hospitality, our clients and the industry can realise its full potential through data-rich, technology-enabled decision-making.

Thank you to our COO Michael Vamos for discussing such an important aspect of hospitality strategy. To learn more about how Quantaco leverages automation, read here: Inside Quantaco’s Hospitality Automation Program – Quantaco.

If you want to learn more about working with Quantaco, get in touch here: https://www.quantaco.co/contact-us/