Leading the Charge for Responsible Gaming: Star Compliance Empowers NSW Hospitality Venues

Published date: 23/2/2024

Gaming landscape is evolving with increasing legislation in NSW being introduced which is aimed at helping to reduce gaming harm and potential criminal activities associated with gaming. At Star Compliance we partner with our clients to help address the rapidly changing legislative environment and to promote responsible gaming practises. Our platform, and its robust features including incident management, facial recognition, tasks, checklist, as well as E-learning stand first in supporting hospitality venues through these gaming introductions.

Empowering Responsible Gambling Officers (RGOs): In line with the NSW Government’s initiative to introduce Responsible Gambling Officers (RGOs) within venues, Star Compliance is dedicated to supporting these key stakeholders in their mission to promote responsible gaming practices and safeguard patron well-being. Robust software provides RGOs with a comprehensive toolkit to address various aspects of responsible gaming effectively.

  • Identification of At-Risk Patrons: Leveraging facial recognition technology, RGOs can swiftly identify patrons displaying signs of gambling harm or problematic behaviour. Star Compliance’s facial recognition software not only detects individuals previously flagged for potential issues but also provides RGOs with real-time alerts when patrons exhibit behaviours indicative of gambling harm. This proactive approach allows RGOs to intervene promptly, offering personalised support and resources tailored to the individual’s needs.
  • Assistance to Staff Members: Our platform assists staff members in managing interactions with distressed patrons, ensuring a supportive approach at all times. In addition to providing RGOs with the necessary tools to support patrons, Star Compliance’s platform offers training modules and resources for venue staff. This equips frontline staff with the knowledge and skills to identify signs of distress, effectively communicate with patrons, and escalate concerns to RGOs or senior management when necessary.
  • Facilitation of Self-Exclusion Requests: RGOs can efficiently handle requests for self-exclusion, providing patrons with the necessary assistance and resources to make informed decisions about their gaming habits. Star Compliance’s platform includes features for managing self-exclusion requests, allowing RGOs to process requests quickly and securely. This includes verifying the identity of patrons requesting self-exclusion, providing information on support services and alternative forms of entertainment, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Comprehensive Incident Recording: Incidents of potential gambling harm are meticulously recorded in a comprehensive digital incident register, enabling thorough documentation and analysis for future reference. Star Compliance’s incident management platform provides RGOs with a centralised database for recording and tracking incidents of potential gambling harm. This includes detailed descriptions of the incident, actions taken by staff or RGOs, and any follow-up measures implemented to address the issue. By maintaining a comprehensive incident register, venues can identify trends, assess the effectiveness of interventions, and demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Regular Review and Collaboration: RGOs can review the incident register regularly and collaborate with venue management to implement necessary actions and interventions, fostering a proactive approach to responsible gaming. Star Compliance’s platform facilitates collaboration and communication between RGOs, venue management, and regulatory authorities through our task, procedures and checklists inclusion. The ease of exporting incident reports via the application significantly enhances the review process, enabling RGOs and venue management to analyse data, identify trends, and track progress over time. Whether conducting internal audits, preparing regulatory submissions, or sharing insights with external partners, the ability to export incident reports ensures transparency and accountability in responsible gaming practices.

What is included in the Star Compliance platform?

Incident Management Platform: Star Compliances incident management platform is a robust tool designed to streamline the process of identifying, documenting, and addressing incidents including gambling harm and problematic behaviour. With intuitive features and real-time reporting capabilities, venue staff and management can efficiently manage incidents and take proactive measures to mitigate risks. From recording instances of potential gambling harm to facilitating self-exclusion requests, our platform provides comprehensive support to venues in promoting responsible gaming practices.

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Facial Recognition Software: Powered by cutting-edge facial recognition technology, our software enhances venue security and enables swift identification of patrons displaying signs of gambling harm or problematic behaviour. Star Compliance software seamlessly integrates with existing security systems, providing Responsible Gambling Officers (RGOs) with the tools necessary to identify at-risk patrons and intervene proactively making it an indispensable tool in the fast-paced world of hospitality.

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Interactive E-learning Platform: Star Compliance offers an interactive E-learning platform designed to provide comprehensive training and education for RGOs. Our platform features engaging multimedia content, including videos, quizzes, and interactive modules, covering essential topics such as recognising signs of gambling harm, effective communication strategies, and regulatory compliance. RGOs can access the platform anytime, anywhere, allowing for flexible and convenient learning opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills in promoting responsible gaming practices.

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Task Checklist and Procedures Functionality: Star Compliance’s platform includes robust task, checklist and procedures functionality, empowering RGOs to manage their responsibilities efficiently and effectively. RGOs can create and customize task checklists based on specific roles, workflows, or compliance requirements, ensuring that critical tasks are completed in a timely and consistent manner. Whether conducting routine inspections, performing compliance audits, or responding to incident reports, RGOs can leverage task checklists to streamline processes, track progress, and maintain accountability.

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With our platform already integrated into hundreds of venues, Star Compliance is proud to be a trusted partner in upholding responsible gaming standards. As the government implements these reforms, our platform seamlessly aligns with the proposed requirements, providing venues with the necessary support to comply with regulations effectively.

For more information on how Star Compliance can support your venue through these changes, please visit our website to book a demo or contact us directly.

To understand your venue’s full responsibility in relation to these changes, check the Policy updates at Liquor and Gaming NSW here: https://bit.ly/3UBYkj1